Stephané Edith Conradie (b. 1990 Namibia) is a lecturer in printmaking at Stellenbosch University South Africa. Although primarily a trained printmaker, she is well known for her bricolage assemblages. She is currently also a PhD candidate in Visual Arts at the University of Stellenbosch, where she completed her MA in Visual Arts (Art Education) (cum laude) and her BA in Visual Arts (Fine Arts) (cum laude). Her research work focuses on trying to make sense of her social and economic ‘situatedness’, in a South African context. Her research stems from a fascination with how people categorise and arrange objects in their homes, particularly her own family members in both Namibia and South Africa. These objects have provided her with a language to investigate the creolised formations of identity that are linked to South Africa’s histories of colonialism, slavery, segregation and apartheid. Creolisation directs our attention towards the cultural phenomena and material culture that result from displacement and cultural influences, creating an ongoing, dynamic interchange of symbols and practices.

Installation view: Cape to Tehran - curated by Sepideh Mehraban | Installation view credit: Kleinjan Groenewald courtesy of Gallery MOMO

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